Lindy’s Fish ED TV Kicks Off Ice Fishing Coverage Saturday, November 5

Great news for ice anglers across the North: Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s Fish ED TV kicks off its ice fishing coverage this Saturday, November 5th at 8:30 a.m. on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin.
Hosted by longtime fishing guide and veteran ice angler Jon Thelen, Fish ED delivers a full eight weeks of programming geared to the hardwater crowd, sharing the latest guide-tested tips, tricks and tactics to help viewers put more walleyes, panfish and pike on the ice on lakes across the Midwest.
“We had a great filming season putting these shows together,” says Thelen. “Fish Ed’s upcoming ice fishing episodes are sure to help everyone catch more fish this winter, no matter where they fish.”
As Fish ED’s name implies, the show features an entertaining yet educational format aimed to help anglers catch more fish and have more fun on every trip.
Toward that end, every Saturday morning through the holidays Thelen shares detailed advice on finding and catching fish in scenarios common on lakes around the region. This straightforward approach allows viewers to easily apply Fish Ed’s proven patterns to catch slab crappies, bull bluegills, jumbo perch and tasty walleyes on lakes in their own backyards.
Catch Fish ED’s ice fishing action Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m. on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And if you can’t get enough Fish ED on TV, check out the show’s special online versions on Lindy Fishing Tackle’s YouTube channel and at
About Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle – The Lindy Tackle Company was created in 1968 by members of the Nisswa Guides’ League in the heart of Minnesota’s Brainerd Lakes area. The goal was to market a revolutionary new walleye fishing product called the Lindy Rig. Since then, the original Lindy Rig has found its way into 40 million tackle boxes. During the decades since its creation, the company created several more products that deserve the “legendary” title, including the Fuzz-E-Grub and the Little Nipper.
Contact: Jon Thelen
Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle

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