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Every morning when Bassmaster Elite Series pro Josh Bertrand begins another day, he reflects thankfully on his career as a professional fisherman. He realizes all too well that anglers around the world dream of fishing for a living, but only a few see those dreams come true.

“I am really, really happy to be doing what I do, and never want to take it for granted,” says the 27-year-old Berkley pro staffer from Gilbert, Arizona.

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For Bertrand, the road to bass fishing’s national stage began the moment his father first put a fishing rod in his hand. “I’ve always absolutely loved fishing,” he explains. “It’s just something I naturally enjoy doing. When I was really little, I fished with my dad and grandpa every chance I got, for any species. I’d even fish off the dock at my grandparents’ lake house for hours, catching nothing, just loving it.”

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