Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle Introduced

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle.

The Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle looks to be a versatile and accurate do-it-all rifle loaded with features.

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle.Savage Arms isn’t shying away from the scout rifle market with the introduction of its new Model 11 Scout. A study in versatility, the lightweight, fast-handling rifle is flush with features that deliver flawless performance in real-world situations including hunting, self-defense and law enforcement.

Chambered for 308 Win., the Model 11 Scout Rifle blends the best attributes of scout-class weaponry with legendary Savage performance to create a hard-hitting package that would undoubtedly make genre founder Col. Jeff Cooper proud.

For starters, it fits the format Cooper envisioned of a compact, bolt-action rifle that is equally adept at yielding fast target acquisition and unflinching accuracy in both hunting and tactical applications. And, like any good scout, it sports reliable iron sights yet can also accommodate a forward-mounted long eye relief optic.

Early accuracy reports are excellent, thanks in part to a hand-straightened, button-rifled barrel. Zero-tolerance headspace, achieved by carefully matching barrel, action and bolt, is also said to boost accuracy, as does a floating bolt head that self-adjusts for a fit typically reserved for hand-lapped, locking lugs.

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle.The Model 11 Scout Rifle also offers the company’s proven AccuTrigger system, which lets shooters tailor trigger pull to their personal tastes. Its AccuStock rail system cradles the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, while an aluminum spine molded into the polymer stock adds rigidity.

Sighting options include factory-issued irons, which are highlighted by an adjustable Williams receiver sight that doubles as .09-inch peep and .20-inch ghost ring, plus a .37-inch front post flanked by protective steel wings.

The 11 Scout Rifle also accommodates standard center-mount hunting scopes for situations where mid- to long-range shots are expected. But the rifle is really designed with a nod to scout-rifle tradition because the one-piece, cantilevered, 17-slot Picatinny rail accepts a variety of forward-mounted, long eye-relief scopes that engender fast target acquisition—which can be both godsend and lifesaver whether you’re hunting hogs in thick brush or tasked with defensive duties.

Fit is likewise easy to personalize. A spacer system in the butt pad lets you tweak length of pull to accommodate different shooting styles ranging from standard cross-body positions to squared off, tactical stances. Plus, the adjustable comb makes it easy to tailor cheek height to the shooter’s stature and various sighting options. Also, when you move that cheek piece up and down, the front and back can move independently of one another, allowing you to change the angle as well.

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle.In a similar vein, a trio of well-placed swivel studs accepts a variety of sling options, from standard hunting straps to ching slings and 3-point configurations.

Amenities don’t end there. The 18-inch, carbon steel barrel is threaded and capped with a proprietary muzzle brake for reduced recoil. As a bonus, the brake can easily be removed and replaced by a suppressor with just a few turns of a Crescent wrench.

The 11 Scout Rifle features a rugged synthetic stock, the flat, dark-earth tones of which are perfectly accented by the gun’s black barrel and hardware. Other notable features include a detachable 10-round magazine; reliable, easily engaged, tang-mounted safety; and an oversize bolt knob that’s simple to operate, even with gloved hands.

All in, the 11 Scout Rifle weighs just 7.8 pounds, making it a lightweight knockout that serious shooters everywhere are quickly finding is as valuable on patrol or in home defense scenarios as it is afield in hunting situations.

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