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W2F15_Mercury_Spitfire ReviewLund’s rugged Alaskan is a versatile, all-around all-star

Winter’s impending demise has anglers across the continent dreaming of open-water adventures. To jump-start their seasons and take their experiences to a new plane, many of these anxious fishing fans are also angling for a new boat.

With a sea of available options, from flat-bottomed jonboats built for rivers and small lakes to massive deep-V hulls designed for big water, choosing the right fishing platform can be a bit overwhelming. To simplify the process, veteran fishing guides and decorated touring pros Scott and Marty Glorvigen suggest considering an all-around all-star like Lund’s venerable Alaskan.

“Whether you’re a first-time boat buyer looking for the perfect platform for family outings, or you already own a boat and are seeking a go-anywhere, versatile addition to the fleet, the Alaskan is a great choice,” says Marty.

“The one-level floor plan is ideal for families with young children, because there’s plenty of room to move around, nothing to trip over, and the high sides keep kids safe,” adds Scott. “Plus, there’s lots of storage space for fishing tackle, camping gear and all the necessities for fun family getaways.”

W2F15_Mercury_Spitfire Review7

Built from lightweight yet rugged aluminum, the Alaskan can handle whatever abuse young anglers and Mother Nature dish out. “Kids, pets, rocks, spills, you name it, nothing’s going to hurt this boat,” Marty laughs. “And when the perfect picnic spot or campsite is guarded by a gravel bar or rocky bank, you don’t have to worry about scratching the hull. Nothing keeps a go-anywhere Alaskan at bay.”

On the flip side, an Alaskan is the perfect second boat for anglers who already have a big-water rig. “My 21-foot Lund 2075 Pro-V is geared to the Great Lakes and other large lakes and rivers, while my 16-foot Alaskan 1600 can get into little, unimproved boat landings and small waters bigger boats can’t reach,” adds Marty.

The hard-fishing twins also enjoy waterfowl hunting, and have shared countless hunts hunkered in an Alaskan tucked into the cattails. “A true utility player, the Alaskan is equally at home rigged with a flip-over blind for those blustery, cold, early morning bluebill shoots or loaded with camping equipment and fishing tackle,” says Scott. “In fact, Marty and I have enjoyed many great days that started out shooting ducks and ended up chasing walleyes and crappies.”


“If you’re looking for a tough, well-built boat with the versatility to carry you on a variety of adventures for many seasons to come, the Alaskan is hard to beat,” says Marty.

Lund Alaskans are available in three versions: the 20-foot, 6-inch 2000 series, which is rated for up to 125-horsepower outboards; the 18-foot, 9-inch 1800, which handles up to 90-horsepower engines; and the 16-foot, 10-inch model 1600, rated for up to 75 horsepower. Collectively, the lineup offers tiller, dual- and single-console configurations, with a variety of serious fishing features. For more information and full details, visit lundboats.com.



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