Spinner Jigs

Watsit-Spin-blog-imageJigs are staples in your crappie fishing arsenal, but even these most-productive tidbits can benefit from the addition of baitfish flash and vibration in the form of a spinning blade. There are three reasons you need to keep jigs with tiny spinning blade on hand:
1.    Searching for mobile, wandering crappie.
2.    Catching crappies suspended at different depths.
3.    Anytime you’re fishing murky water.

Lindy’s Watsit Spin is a perfect example of this jig style. The 1/8-ounce option is effective in most situations. It’s armed with a size No. 1 Indiana spinner blade that flickers and spins on the slowest retrieve. Clip-on Lindy Jig Spinners are another fine option that let you trick out virtually any leadhead.

One of a spinner blade’s benefits is that it makes the jig easier for crappies to detect and home in one. This is a big factor in low-visibility conditions, such as waters stained by sediments or clouded by algae, or when you’re fishing at dusk or after dark. Blades also help crappies find your jig when you’re working lanes and pockets in thick vegetation, or ticking the tops of the weeds.

A spinner blade also slows a jig’s drop speed, which gives the fish more time to strike and allows for better depth control, essential when fishing for moving crappie schools and for targeting a specific depth. It’s also a boon when you’re dealing with tight-lipped fish.

The little spinner adds lift, which is great when slow-rolling a jig in shallow water and when you want to confine the jig to a thin section of the water column. In rivers and other flowing waters like tributary inflows and necked down areas between islands (where current is intensified), a blade also helps your jig drift with the current instead of tumbling out of control.

These are just a few of the benefits spinner blades bring to the jigging equation. Keep a selection of Watsit Spins and Jig Spinners handy, and don’t hesitate to experiment and sling these blades in a variety of conditions. – See more at: http://www.lindyfishingtackle.com/lindy-land/lindy-land-blog-spinner-jigs/#sthash.HMPFMCbO.dpuf


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