VMC Swinging Rugby Jig


Free-swinging rugby head fuels greater softbait theatrics.

Legendary bassman Mike Iaconelli lent his expertise to VMC when the company upgraded its standard rugby jig with this free-wheeling articulated design. The unique head’s side-to-side swings enhance softbait action while expanding your jig-slinging options for everything from brutal conditions to suicide bites.

Hands-down, my favorite thing about the VMC Swinging Rugby Jig is the way it allows soft plastics and bio baits to flow along more naturally on the retrieve.1480777

It absolutely rocks for one of my go-to presentations for covering deep water quickly on the hunt for isolated rock and gravel, which is skittering a Biffle- or beaver-style trailer along bottom behind an articulated jig head. But this jig can do so much more. Since it’s available in weights from ¼ through ¾ ounces, you can fish it at a variety of depths, with tippings ranging from finesse baits and tubes to creatures and large worms. Tumble it down a shallow ditch, ply a midrange rock line or search the abyss—it’s up to the job.

Other great features I appreciate include the hook’s extra-long Z-bend. Situated just below where the hook meets the head, it helps keep the softbait trailer firmly in place, while ensuring that the plastic doesn’t hinder the head’s rocking action. This is a cool combination, because it sucks when your softbait balls up in the hook bend—rendering your presentation impotent—yet it’s nice to pin the bait in place without compromising the jig’s ability to gyrate like Elvis while it’s bouncing along bottom.

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Featured Image Photo Courtesy – B.A.S.S.


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