Bernie Keefe Press Releases

Proprietor of Fishing With Bernie for the past 13 years, Keefe plies the pristine, trout-rich waters of Granby, Shadow Mountain, and Grand lakes. Nestled in the high basin of Middle Park, along the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, the fisheries are surrounded by towering, snow-clad peaks, offering clients breathtaking scenery and world-class lake trout action, plus a shot at browns, rainbows, and kokanee salmon. For more information, visit, or call (970) 531-2318.

GroupCroppedHappy Holidays Trout – Trout provide fine ice fishing action across the North, but in many areas of the country, large, deep lakes don’t develop a trustworthy coating of ice until well after Christmas. Good news is, opportunities abound to enjoy fast action on smaller, quick-freezing lakes guaranteed to deliver a welcome dose of holiday cheer.

IceTeamTroutFishingIce Jam – As a full-time winter fishing guide who targets lake trout of lunker proportions in the unforgiving but fish-rich environs of the Rockies, Keefe knows a thing or two about the need to keep gear in fighting shape, or suffer the consequences. “For example,” he begins, “Chipped or cracked rod guides can damage your line, leading to catastrophic failure at the moment of truth.”

IMG_3221Early Fall Trout – Fall offers ample options afield. Across the spectrum of hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits, autumn is truly a time of plenty. And one of the more overlooked opportunities involves the early fall trout bite.

72Cruise Control Lakers – When hungry trout roam the abyss, finding the strike zone feels akin to looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. “The fish are definitely catchable,” says longtime hardwater guide and laker fan Bernie Keefe. “And you basically have two options; sit and wait on a prime spot or go on the offensive.”

55Lakers Made Easy – Hardly. Just ask veteran guide and longtime laker fan Bernie Keefe, who each season helps scads of aspiring trout bums connect with stellar icewater catches. “If people are intimidated, they shouldn’t be,” he says. “By following a few basic principles of location and presentation, it’s possible for even first-timers to put fish on the ice.”

32Fast-Forward Ice Fishing – Ice fishing success hinges on a number of factors, not the least of which are finding the fish, then dialing in the right presentation to trip their triggers. Sadly, too many winter warriors venture out without a solid plan of attack, and this season in particular, such oversights could cost countless catches.


30Bernie Keefe Teams With All Creation Outdoor Media – Iconic high-country guide and tireless fishing promoter Bernie Keefe has joined forces with All Creation Outdoor Media to handle content creation and distribution.

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