Glorvigen & Glorvigen 2014 Press Releases

In 2014, Scott and Marty Glorvigen teamed with All Creation Outdoor Media to launch a major digital content campaign to more than 400 media outlets, promoting sponsors with free-use e-features offering a blend of compelling copy, photos and video. The content was widely utilized in e-newsletters, websites and social media venues.

To see the press releases published in 2014 please click on the individual links.

Top Props56 – Today’s boats and outboards are light years ahead of the options available to anglers just a generation ago. Advancements in power and performance make it easier and safer than ever to enjoy time on the water. However, one of the most critical components to any fishing rig flies under many anglers’ radar, the prop.

42Dream Boats – North to South, cabin fever has countless winter-weary anglers gearing up for warm-weather fishing adventures ahead. For some, that means buying a new boat, while others opt to trick out their current fishing platforms. Whichever camp you fall into, a few simple pointers can help you navigate the sea of choices in boats, motors and rigging options toward a dream machine that fits your needs.

37Anchors Aweigh – Boat control is critical to fishing success,   especially when targeting shallow water. If you’re not in the right spot to cast and present baits, or worse, your boat drifts over skittish fish, it’s game over.


140Boat Position Breakthrough – Boat control is critical in the quest to catch more fish, and electric trolling motors have long been a key ally in positioning our fishing platforms, especially when wind, current and other complicating factors come into play.

68Storage Wars – Anglers have an amazing array of lures, terminal tackle and other accessories at their disposal to help them catch more fish. In fact, it’s safe to say that today’s presentational options dwarf those available just a decade or two ago. Of course, all the great tackle in the world won’t help you catch a single fish if you can’t manage your gear in a manner that engenders efficient fishing.

87Power of Plastic – Artificial softbaits are all the rage for targeting panfish through the ice. Savvy winter warriors reap rewards including uncanny realism and unparalleled convenience in their quest to catch more fish. Trouble is, when the ice recedes, these deadly weapons are too often holstered in favor of traditional natural baits.

96‘Eye Candy – Walleye fans are a passionate group. Few foul conditions or other potential barriers stand between us and the pursuit of our marble-eyed quarry. We’re also religious in our devotion to time-honored tactics. But oftentimes, thinking outside the box can lead to epic catches.

118Catching Rays – Anyone who’s suffered a sunburn is painfully aware of the power of ultraviolet radiation. It’s a simple concept: soak up too many rays without decent sunblock and you’re going to get burned. For many anglers, however, the notion that UV light can also help them catch more fish remains a bit of a mystery.

127View To A Thrill – Ever since Lowrance opened anglers’ eyes to the underwater world with the iconic “Green Box” back in the 1950s, sonar has been helping folks catch more fish. And while these original units still work wonders, advancements in features and functions have steadily raised the bar in acoustic performance.

162Squeeze Play – “Call it the squeeze play,” quips angling ace Scott Glorvigen. “When low levels of dissolved oxygen in deep water force cool-water forage into a narrow band higher in the column, big predators move in for the feast. Anglers able to capitalize on the conditions can enjoy some of the season’s finest fishing.”

173Swim Jig Walleyes – “Swimming jigs like the Northland Puppet Minnow and Rapala Jigging Rap are perfect examples,” says Scott Glorvigen, a longtime guide and decorated tournament champion who’s seen firsthand the rewards of pushing the tactical envelope. Other notable options include the Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow and Nils Master Jigger.

182Suspended Animation – Glorvigen leans on cutting-edge electronics such as Lowrance’s Elite-5 CHIRP Gold sonar-chartplotter to pinpoint pods of wayward panfish. “The fish are constantly moving around, which makes sonar a must,” he notes. “Lowrance’s new CHIRP units give you incredible target resolution, so you can verify the fish you’re marking are crappies, and even pick out individual fish within a school.”

199Win the Cold War – “Apparel is a huge factor in ice fishing success and enjoyment, but too few anglers truly understand their options,” says Scott Glorvigen, a veteran guide and noted ice fishing expert who traverses the North each season. ‘The trick to staying warm without getting taken to the cleaners is understanding what separates truly great gear from the good, the bad and the downright ugly.”

201Happy Hours – When ice fans dream of upcoming escapades, many optimistically envision epic getaways spanning a weekend or more. Unfortunately, extended adventures can be tough to pull off, given the time constraints of daily life. Indeed, just carving out a full day on the ice can at times be a challenge.


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