Dan Johnson Contributor
Review: Frabill Straight Line 371 Combo

A high-performance rod-and-reel that fuels the ice fishing fever.

In my formative ice fishing years, I tagged along with my dad, lugging a bucket of broom-handle ice sticks that were little more than wooden dowels fitted with line-wrapping pegs and a sharp point on one end for positioning next to the hole. Times have certainly changed, as today’s ice fans have a forest of fine rods and high-tech reels at their disposal.

Frabill’s Straight Line 371 Bro Series Combo rides the scene’s cutting edge in more ways than one. It’s designed for straight-lining, a progressive hardwater tactic that leans on the direct connection of a fly fishing-style reel to boost sensitivity, banish line twist and put a stop to unnatural lure gyrations.

Six species- and technique-specific combos are available, ranging from a 24-inch ultra-light built for panfish jigging to a 36-inch light model ideal for finessing tight-lipped walleyes and panfish of slab proportions. I put the latter combo to the test and quickly appreciated the many amenities it brings to the table.

Let’s start with the reel. To read more click here.


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