The Ice Blog – Bohland’s After Multispecies This Weekend

multispeciescroppedLike most ice fishing fans, Lindy pro staffer Bob Bohland can’t wait to hear the satisfying crunch of solid ice beneath his boots for the first time this season. And by all accounts, he won’t have to wait long. Bohland, who hails from central Minnesota’s St. Cloud area, is planning to hit the lakes this weekend, hot on the heels of unseasonably cool weather that’s solidified many smaller waters across the state.

“The Horseshoe Chain is my home water,” he says. “But that’s a river system, so it’s still a little iffy. I plan to hit Briggs Lake this weekend instead. Like a lot of smaller lakes in the area, it froze up fast and is already seeing foot traffic.”

Though he’s renowned for his pursuit of slab-size bluegills, Bohland plans on tackling a multispecies mix for his first outing, including walleyes, crappies and ’gills. CLICK HERE to read more.

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